Self portrait wand instrument

Do you enjoy rubbing every inane moment of your life in other people's faces via social media but struggle to take a good selfie because your arms are the same length as those of a T-Rex?

At the same time, is your crippling shyness rendering you utterly incapable of asking literally any member of the public to take your photo?

Do you also happen to live in an an edgeless world where there are absolutely no ledges, corners or level surfaces suitable for positioning your self-timer-loaded mobile phone?

Luckily for you, the boffins over at the International Centre for Narcissism have released the perfect implement to keep you uploading like the Z-grade celebrity you've always wanted to be.

Proudly adopting the recent endorsement of "The Wand of Narcissus", the selfie stick operates in much the same fashion as an extendable bionic arm to which you can attach your phone to get the perfectly-angled selfie.

Wave goodbye to the need to interact with a fellow human forever with this ingenious device that will in no way lessen your level of self respect or dignity in the eyes of those who follow your social media accounts.

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