Get too excited during storms

I don't know what it is about that moment when the Bureau of Meteorology flicks off a severe weather warning, but it causes some people to absolutely lose their shit.

Terms like "damaging winds" and "possible flash flooding" do little to calm their growing paranoia, and once they look at the radar and see the weather system might move across their region, they're hyperventilating through a wave of mild hysteria. It's too late.

Before you know it every weather nerd in your suburb is power-walking down to their local supermarket to panic buy all the bottled water they can carry. Any reasonable person would think the apocalypse was imminent.

What comes next is an assault on social media. The rain sets in, there's fumbling for batteries and candles and the sound of hundreds tuning their radios before the power's even gone off, and every person in the affected area begins to snap countless blurry photographs of a dark skyline.

Can everyone just take a deep breath, have a cold shower, and consider maybe this weather event isn't really such a massive ordeal, it could very well be a relatively predictable and typical occurrence given your location and the time of year?

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