Sticker Your Family

Ever feel the uncontrollable urge to advertise you familial demographics to complete strangers on the back of the unnecessarily large 4WD you use to get around the city?

Before you go posting the answers to your Census on your car window, think about the more generic option that endorses the artistic ability of a four year old. There's no better way to boast about how unique your close-knit unit is than to plaster the back of that petrol-guzzler with stock standard stick figures that represent each member.

According to The Sticker Family's website, stock is moving fast, suggesting the number of idiots in the general population is on the increase.

And while the site rightfully points out "families come in all shapes and sizes" ... I fear there may be some shapes and sizes they may have overlooked, and I've taken the liberty to fill in the blanks.

Sticker Family - Cat Lady Edition

Sticker Family - Obesity Edition

Sticker Family - Journalist Edition

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