Use your car as a placard

No longer is your vehicle simply a means of transport. These days, it’s all the rage to use it to ensure everyone is aware of your participation in or love for a public event or festivity. Turning your car into a placard for your own patriotism, racism, sports fandom or festive spirit is a great way to not only divert the attention of other drivers away from the road, it’s also effective in letting everyone know that you’re super up to date with the calendar.

You might have noticed these trend-setters making public their raging Christmas spirit by installing what could loosely be described as car antlers. Indeed, what with the additional red nose, the effect is somewhat convincing and I can personally recall at least a handful of occasions where I have mistaken their Ford for a gracious reindeer floating next to me. It’s not until I take a second glance that I can chuckle at the clever costume and begin planning where I may be able to drag my keys down the side of their car with a grace and ease even the most light-footed of reindeer could not muster.

Keep in mind that it would be remiss to restrict your vehicle decoration to only one month of the year. Come January you can easily set yourself apart from the pack by replacing your antlers with Australian flags. Above all, remember that no message is too simple when it comes to the world of vehicular enhancement.

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