Use a topical avatar

Do you yearn to become known as a current events savvy conversationalist? When it comes to choosing an avatar for your online presence, using an actual photo of yourself is a little unimaginative. If you think the people you interact with are interested in seeing who they’re actually talking to, you’re sadly mistaken. These days all the cool kids are using topical avatars.

Whether it be a character from the latest blockbuster or a celebrity who’s been thrust into the news cycle as the latest victim of DUI, pregnancy or sex tape scandal, changing your avatar to a stock standard image will let people know you’re up to date with the latest. And if there’s one thing cooler than being a celebrity, it’s using their picture to represent your online self.

The benefits of topical avatars really do outweigh the potential criticisms, but on the off chance that you cop any shit for your crafty online representation, just shrug them off and know that you’re one of only a select few million people doing the same thing. Besides, those people are probably just jealous their identity isn’t as fluid as mainstream pop culture.

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