Threaten to delete social networking pages

Are you enjoying a mediocre following on a social network platform but unsure whether your fans give a shit about what you publish? There's a simple solution.

Publicly announce that you're thinking about deleting your account.

While it may appear to be a relatively new trend, this kind of hollow threat is actually the close relative of an age old technique – fishing for compliments. Ever been preparing for a night out when one of your companions suddenly starts whining about how hideously unattractive they are and how they may as well not go because they look like trash? Your job then becomes to reassure them that this isn’t the case. My friend, you've just taken the bait and lost the game.

The social networking threat works with the same formula. While you'll appear to be thinking out loud and considering a legitimate option, what you’re really doing is asking people to tell you how much they love you and that you shouldn’t do it because they’d miss you terribly if you did. It’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or more accurately, an attention seeker in an attention seeker’s clothing.

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